Anti-Spook Training, a Matter of Trust

Hippach and me after spook training <3 Even more bonded :)
Hippach and me after spook training ❤ even more connected 🙂

So, my darling Hippach ❤ is easily spooked but at the same time he loves to learn and is very willing to work. Although he’s only been my horse since half May, and he needed to recover during the first weeks, we do have a beautiful connection already. We started groundwork and Straightness Training excercises and he trusts me more and more (I’ve know him for several months before he came to be my horse). Positive reinforcement is doing a lot of good!

A week ago we had the perfect chance to test the trust 🙂 At the stables where he is boarding they organized an anti-spook-training. Hip and I were present… and after some serious spooking, we both enjoyed it a LOT! He walked on a strange surface that makes noise (see pictures below) and he even touched a tent, that fluttered in the wind, with his nose!

I am so proud of him!

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