Unexpected Love

Merel Burggraaf horse healing art classical dressage straightness training

When I met Hippach I had just started working with horses again. I did not desire a horse of my own. I just wanted to find that piece of myself back, the piece that has horse written all over it. Yes I paint and draw horses with all my heart but I needed to smell and feel horses again! And yes I am a healer for horses but I didn’t really acknowledge that. A long time ago when I lost the horse I loved more than life I threw away the key to my horse heart. So I hoped by being around horses to somehow find that key again. Luckily I found a training stable near me and I started to work there as a volunteer.
In the meanwhile I was exploring the horse world, reading about massage, straightness training and classical dressage. I wanted to find something more I could do with horses. Until the summer of 2015 when I met 3.5 year old Hippach, a troubled horse with behavioural issues and probably in pain. It wasn’t a pretty sight when I first saw him in the grooming box. But in spite of the fight I witnessed, I was immediately intrigued by this big dark gray dressage horse and even more… he called me and I heared him. His eyes told me our story had just begun. Then, totally unexpected and maybe even a bit unwillingly, I found that key and fell in love.


10 thoughts on “Unexpected Love

      1. Since he’s only 3, and he is exhibiting the typical pattern of a young greying out horse, lighter on the head, I do think that’s where he’s going.
        Only seen the 3 pictures of him though, it’s easier when you can see the whole body, and if you know the coloring of his dam and sire and which genes they carry.
        Then again, by next spring, you will know! 🙂
        Any lighter coat of his next spring coat as compared to this summer’s coat – he’ll be a grey eventually.
        Super handsome guy!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you Elinor. Yes! He is handsome ❤ His father is pitch black (name Andretti) who is in the States now! His mother is a grey (very light colour). So, it will be a surprise! 🙂 I like him when he is dark and when he is light so both is super! I love his heart, that is the most important 🙂


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