Invited by Life to Explore

Do you know what I like about life? It seems that each time I say I don’t like something, life invites me to explore it anyway and then it appears to be fun or even an important part of my path. It happened with art for example. When I was young I used to say I didn’t like art and look at me now. I am painting and drawing horses and my paintings and drawings are even commissioned internationally.

It is the same with Hippach. I didn’t necessarily want a horse now and I never wanted a dressage horse. I never liked dressage to be honest. I saw myself riding a beautiful Akhal-Tèke horse or a rescued ex-racehorse to enjoy endurance with. I was curious about liberty and riding bareback. But then this big horse cantered into my life, a beautifully bred top-notch dressage horse with… kissing spines. Guess what this young horse needs to (hopefully) fully recover? Dressage. Luckily we are talking about Classical Dressage not modern dressage. Now Classical Dressage seems very interesting to me. There is a big difference which you can find on the internet and in de dvd ‘If Horses Could Speak’. Classical Dressage starts with lots and lots of groundwork. Every excercise is meant to make your horse strong and able to carry itself mainly with its hind legs, even before thinking about carrying a human. For Hippach and his kissing spines it is very important to strengthen his back muscles and belly muscles and to make his hind legs carry most of the weight. Classical Dressage doesn’t only strengthen the body it also helps to strengthen the horse mentally. I compare it with Classical Ballet and Yoga and it is a beautiful challenge to both of us.

So I am focussing on Straightness Training and Classical Dressage and I love it. I don’t care if I will ever be able to ride him. I want him to be happy and healthy, to be physically strong and mentally stable. I have no idea how easy or difficult the path will be. He had behavioural problems in the past and he experienced horrible things so that can make it an even bigger challenge. I love it that Hippach is a young horse and I have a lot of faith in him. We are both new to this but he is a natural talent and I will take private lessons to make the best of it. And then there is love and I believe love can bring us very far!

I am thinking of posting updates and pictures twice a week and I am looking forward to see the changes in his body and movement.

I hope you will follow us and enjoy our posts!
Merel & Hippach

_DSC5817 Merel Burggraaf Hippach classical dressage straightness training kissing spines
Hippach, covered in sand and being his young scruffy self, cuddling me after I returned from the USA to draw and heal horses there. After recovering and getting ajusted to his new stable and friends this is the moment we can start training.

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