Classical Adventures of a Dressage Horse

Hippach and Merel, a Classical Adventure

Welcome! Meet Hippach, my beautiful young dressage horse with a story. Together we are on an adventure towards classical dressage and hopefully healing. Enjoy reading our posts!
Love, Hippach & Merel

Hippach: born in 2012, bloodlines Andretti x Jazz x Aktion. When I met Hippach he had behavioural issues, but I fell in love… Hippach has kissing spines so now we are on an adventure of Classical Dressage and Straightness Training (both groundwork) in order to make his hind legs carry most of the weight and to make his back and belly muscles strong. Who knows what the future brings?! As long as we enjoy the journey, we are happy!

Merel: born in 1979, novice to dressage. Hippach is the reason I am exploring a whole new path, one to Classical Dressage and Straightness Training. I am also an international healer for horses and equine artist. You can view my healing work and my art on www.merelburggraaf.com.


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